Who is Françoise Calvel ?

Françoise Calvel or Fanfan

She's born 2nd August 1970 in France.
She's comedian, director of play and author in Performing Arts since 1988.
She leave since 2007 in Thiruvananthapuram with her husband and her daughter.
She became a performing artist in 1988, in Strasbourg, after a deep training in drama at the national drama academy.

Since then she has always worked with differents techniques such as masks, clowns, body expression, contemporize dance, Commedia dell'arte, fencing, kathakali.
1991 to 1995: She also worked abroad as event manager: Bulgaria, Crete, Dominican Republic, and Sri Lanka.

She worked like a performer or producer with theatre troupes such as "Confluence théâtre", "Les comédiens associés", "Pirouette Circus". The performances could be classical as well as children show, street performance, all over France, and also Switzerland, Italy, and Norway.
Since 1996 she is a part of the company "A Contre Jour", she is producing Commedia dell'arte show, and she is theatre's teacher and writer in schools.
Since 2002 she also played children shows with "Le petit chêne théâtre".
In 2000 she created her own company "Vaguedivague" in order to develop pluridisciplinary bonds with different artistic networks for teenagers and children.
Her encounter with India became determining in 2003 during a professional's kathakali training in Kochi.
2006 to 2009: She was co-director and co-creator of "Paalam, Tours and Cultural Training, PVT LTD".
She organized some artistic workshop (Nâgaswâram, Carnatic music, Kûtiyâtam, and Kathakali), ayurvedic workshop, Tailor-Made Tours, and ayurvedic treatments, in Trivandrum, Kerala, south India.

She creates "Sarasvatî India" in 2009, and develops some tailor-made tours in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and she sharing out her life between France and India since 2007.
She continues since more than 20 years to give her professionalism for events, performance, show's creation and theatre's teaching.
She create her Indian Company: "Layam Cultural Events and Training PVT LTD".

Professional Experience

Since 2010

  • She has conducted Theatre Workshop for school, high school, Professional actor, Company, in Trivandrum, Kochi and Mumbai.
  • She created one family show : "Once upon a time...", that she is also the Director of play and one of the comedian.
  • She creat special Events for Children Library, Birthday, Company Meeting, Shop, in accordance with the request and the wishes.
  • She organize professional artistic workshop for professional dancer, musician and comedian from France, they are coming to Kerala for learning traditional art like kathakali, kalaripayat, bharatanatyam, carnatic music, and tabla.

In 2010

She create with her husband her own Indian Company: Layam Cultural Events and Training Pvt Ltd

Since 2006

With the French Company “Sarasvati India”
Coordinator of art courses and Creator of Events in India.

From 2002 to 2006

With the Company "Le Petit Chêne Théâtre" in Cluny (71)
Actress in creation for children show: "Legends" 40 performances since 2002, and «The Sleeping Beauty" created in 2004, 50 performances 2004/2006, Burgundy.

From 1996 to 2006

With the Company "A Contre Jour" in Feurs (42)
Forum theater actress in "The Case Manu" national tour, 90 performances since 1998, "My car, my family and me" 30 performances since 2001, "Do not look me like that," 30 performances since 2002.
Actress and director: events, street theater, "the thousand years since the arrival of the monks of Cluny", "Draw me a castle" (40 actors, musicians, and dancers), many creative events: markets, in general meetings, in public parks.
Director and author in 10 creations in "theater for prevention", and 12 creations in “Workshop Theater"
Director in "The Doctor Imposter" of Molière, national tour, 40 performances.
Author and actress in "out of the shadow of epilepsy", created in Strasbourg (67).

From 2000 to 2006

She create her own Company : "Vaguedivague", she's the Artistic Director of the Company.
Director and author of 3 big events : the "magical night" (200 performers in one big park), "object", "European meeting of art".
Director of several workshop for children 3 years to 18 years and adults.
Creation of exhibition: 400 m2 about "in the footsteps of dinosaurs", September 2001.
Lectures in collaboration with the Association Polyphonia during the concert season organized in some library.
Moving theatre in several library : event creation.
Moving theatre in supermarket, shop, street : event creation.
Creation of the "Impromptu", Commedia dell'arte, a national tour in May to july 2004. Actress and director.


With the Company "Le Pois de Senteur" in Paris (75)
Actress in "The Garden of Néroline", children show, Burgundy exclusive tour, 30 performances.


With the Company "Pirouette Circus" in Cimandre (71)
Director of creation "Famous Family Pirouette!" Created in April 2002 at National Theatre of Macon (71).


With the Company "Les Comédiens Associés" in Dijon (21)
Actress in “Postcards” National Tour, 110 performances, "House Bobos” national tour, 40 performances," new recruits "tour France and Switzerland, 20 performances," The Waiters Comedians" Burgundy tour, 20 performances, "Ah! Family "national tour, 20 performances.


With "Confluence Theatre" in Roanne (42)
Actress "Antigone" by J. Anouilh, role: Antigone, Loire tour, 30 performances.
Director and Author of 7 Workshops Theater for Primary school, High School and College in Roanne.


Creative events, designer, and director of live entertainment in International Tourism, with "Club Med" and "LTI International Hotel ".
In Bulgaria, Crete, Dominican Republic and Sri Lanka.


Assistant director, and speaker theater with Fredj Cohen, a former actor of the famous “Theatre du Soleil" Creation: "The Golem" Strasbourg and Czechoslovakia, and creating special events for the National Congress of the League of Human Rights.



Professional Training with the “company of nose", teacher: Gilles Padié "clown", creation "coffee clown", in Moulin.
Professional Training with the Company “Bheeshma Art & Culture”, "Kathakali" in India (Fort Cochin), Duration: 4 weeks.


Professional Training with the "Theatre des Pays de la Loire”, for the 10th festival for theater in the Ile de Noirmoutier, teachers: Carlo Boso (Director), Pascal Arbeille (vocals), Pavel Rouba (Pantomime), Stefano Perroco Di Meduna (factor masks), Commedia dell'arte, duration 4 weeks in residence.


Professional Training with the Company "Le chant des possibles", teachers: Carlo Boso (Director), Benoit Combes (polyphonic songs), Nelly Quette (choreographer), Florence Leguy (master of fencing), Commedia dell Arte, duration 4 weeks in residence.


Professional Training with "Company Allegro", teacher: Carlo Colombaioni, famous international clown, duration 3 weeks in Lyon.


Professional Training with the Company "Footsbarn Theatre”, teachers: P. Bornant and I. Soler, with the theme "Theatre and Flamenco”, duration 3 weeks in Herisson.


Professional Training with the Company "Mystère Bouffe" with the famous teachers: Carlo Boso (Director), and Pavel Rouba (Pantomime) on Commedia dell 'Arte, duration 5 weeks in Paris.


Professional Training: "manager of entertainment" LTI International Hotel (German company), duration 3 months in Paris.


Professional Training: "creator of international shows» with "Club Med", duration: 4 months, Pompadour.


Actress active member of the A. R.T.U.S. (University Theater of Strasbourg), with Colette Weil.


Student of "Hills" of T.J.P. Strasbourg with André Pomara study the mask of the Actor's Studio, the Commedia, pantomime, the Open Theater.


Acting classes, conservatory program, teachers: the National Theater of Strasbourg.

Additional information

  • Member of the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers :

With "A place to knit, purl one", "The Concept Villainpourçonnais", "Magic's Cartoon", "Remember to Dream!", "The Enchanted Garden" " A Hunger for Paper”, "O storm! O hope! ", "Ah! What a family!”, "The Manor of Escalator", «Do you believe in Santa Claus? « "Epilepsy out of the shadows".
And with 9 songs.

  • English: fluent, German and Spanish spoken.
  • Business trips or discoveries: Italy, England, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Crete, Dominican Republic, USA, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Germany, Turkey, India, Guatemala, Thailand, Cambodia.


Françoise Calvel
Director of Play
Theatre Teacher